The Pickleball Rules & Strategies – New Updated Pickleball Rules For 2024

Pickleball is a game where you hit a ball with a paddle over a net. Its an easy social sport which you can play with your friends and family. There is no age limit or any special talent you need to play the sport. That’s the reason pickleball become the fastest growing sport in the US particularly.

These are some of the basic rules to play the game. You should learn before hitting the pickleball court,

  • Serve must be hit underhand and be started from the baseline.
  • The serve must land beyond the Kitchen area.
  • Your serve must go cross court to the diagonal square from you.
  • You continue to serve until you lose a point.
  • All shots must land in bounds.
  • You can’t hit the ball out of the air while standing in the Kitchen or Non-Volley Zone

  • You must hit the serve underhand and below your waist, which limits how hard you can hit it.
  • You get one serve.
  • You have to let the return of serve bounce.

Despite all of these limitations, players have still found ways to weaponize the serve in pickleball — and the PPA (Professional Pickleball Association) has decided to push back.

In an effort to prevent servers from making contact with the ball above their waists, the PPA introduced new rules to the volley serve at last week’s Masters tournament in Palm Springs. Here they are below,

Pickleball Spin techniques
  • The ball must be dropped, it CANNOT be thrown up.
  • Said drop must start from below your waist.
  • The palm of your dropping hand must be facing down.

While these new rules are not officially part of the game yet, they certainly could be soon. And it wouldn’t be the first time that pickleball put restrictions on the serve. Just last year, the pre-spun serve (spinning the ball with your fingers) was banned.

In 2023 they made several changes to the Official Pickleball Rulebook, to make the game more interesting and joyful.

Pickleball Rule Changes in 2024

Pickleball, a fast-growing sport beloved by players of all ages, is set to undergo several rule changes in 2024. These modifications aim to enhance gameplay and ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Serve Rules

  • The 2024 rule changes will introduce stricter guidelines for serving
  • Players must ensure that the ball is struck below the waist
  • The served ball must travel diagonally across the court.

Scoring Changes

  • The scoring system in pickleball will see significant adjustments in 2024
  • Matches will now be won by a margin of two points
  • Tiebreakers will be implemented to resolve close matches.

Court Dimensions

  • Alterations to court dimensions will impact the flow of the game
  • The kitchen area will be expanded to reduce the advantage of volleying
  • A new boundary line will be added to clarify out-of-bounds calls.

Equipment Regulations

  • Stringent rules regarding equipment usage will be enforced
  • Paddles must meet specific size and weight requirements
  • Balls must adhere to standard specifications for consistency.
Pickleball Court Dimensions
What Are The Best Techniques For Pickleball Singles?

The rules for singles pickleball are mostly the same as doubles rules, except for some variations. Here are some of the key differences,

  • Server must stand behind the line and serve underhand.
  • The server switches sides depending on whether their score is even or odd.
  • There is only one serve per player in singles.
  • Only server can score when the opponent commits a fault.
  • The server loses their serve when they commit a fault.

What Are The Best Techniques For Pickleball Doubles?

The rules for doubles in pickleball are all serves must be performed underhand with contact to the ball made below the waist. Additionally, all the serves must be made into the opposite diagonal service area but if failure to do so it will result in a fault.

There are three numbers that you must call out in pickleball doubles: your team’s score, your opponents’ score, and the server number. You must call out the score before every serve. The player standing at the start of the side out will always be the player.

The first rule of scoring in pickleball is that only the serving team can score points. Serving team’s score rises by one point each time the receiving team commits a fault.

third drop shot

The pickleball drop serve is a type of serve that allows a player to drop the ball and hit the serve after it bounces.

Here are the 4 most important rules,

  1. The ball must drop diagonally in the service area opposite to where you’re standing.
  2. Ball must be bounce first before you can hit it.
  3. It is necessary to strike the ball below the waist.
  4. You can’t commit double faults during the play.
How TO Serve Good In Pickleball

Finally, it is important to note that the restrictions on the Volley Serve in Rule 4.A.7 (upward arc, highest point of paddle head below wrist and contact point below waist) do not apply to the drop serve.

Learn Pickleball – What Is No Man’s Land In Pickleball

Pickleball Drop Shot

A drop shot in pickleball is a soft shot hit off a bounce from deep in the court. Intended to land in the opponents’ NVZ (Non-Volley Zone), preferably close to the net. Basically, this shot is used to force your opponents to move forward and hit the ball up. Giving you an opportunity to attack the next shot.

Here are some tips on how to hit a drop shot:

  • Start by hitting the ball with a high arc over the net.
  • Always make sure that your opponent is positioned deep in the court before attempting a drop shot.
  • Use your wrist to create spin on the ball and make it drop quickly.
  • Aim for the opponent’s feet or just over the net.

According to the 2023 Official Pickleball Rulebook, there are several changes to the rules.

  1. The spin serve will no longer be legal, and the drop serve will be basic with no topspin.
  2. The 3/5 format has been added, and 6 editorial changes will take place.
  3. There are restrictions on the clothes that match the pickleball ball color, faults are clarified.
  4. The one-handed spin serve is now prohibited under the 2023 pickleball rules.

The pickleball doubles strategy is all about positioning, communication, and teamwork. The first strategy to consider is serving placement. Serve deep down the middle or toward the weaker player on your opponent’s side of the court. Another strategy is to hit the ball low over the net so that it bounces low and forces your opponents to hit up.

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