The Erne Shot In Pickleball – A Game-Changing Move in Pickleball

Welcome to the exciting world of pickleball, the fastest growing sport in the USA. Pickleball is the social sport where strategy meets athleticism in a unique blend of sportsmanship. Among the many tactics that make this sport stand out, the erne shot takes center stage.

Pickleball ERNE Shot

Imagine a player gracefully moving near the net, lunging sideways with lightning speed to intercept the ball mid-air.
In this article, we’ll dive into the origins, execution, and impact of the erne shot, revealing the secrets behind its success.

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ERNE Shot in Pickleball

The erne shot in pickleball is Named after Erne Perry, a visionary pickleball player known for pushing the boundaries of the game. The Erne Shot has become a testament to innovation on the court.

This technique involves a player positioning themselves strategically just outside the court’s boundary, close to the non-volley zone or “kitchen.” This daring move includes hitting the ball out of the air before it bounces on the player’s side of the court. The result is a shot that surprises opponents with its unexpected trajectory and challenges them to respond effectively.

In the early days of pickleball, players were relentless in their pursuit of an advantage. The erne shot emerged from this determination to push the boundaries of the game. Players ventured into uncharted territory, experimenting with shots that defied norms. This audacious move, born from testing the limits of the non-volley zone, fascinated those who sought innovative ways to outmaneuver their rivals.

The Erne Shot in pickleball isn’t just another technique, it’s a game-changer. Its importance lies in its ability to disrupt opponents’ expectations and create opportunities for strategic advantage.

By mastering the Erne Shot, players introduce an element of surprise into their gameplay, forcing opponents to adapt on the spot. This shot can shift the momentum of a match by creating a psychological edge and potentially leading to points won through unpredictability.

Embracing the Erne Shot isn’t just about adding a flashy move to your repertoire. It’s about staying one step ahead in a dynamic and evolving sport.

outdoor pickleball court

To perform the erne shot, players need to anticipate their opponent’s move and position themselves close to the non-volley zone line. As the ball approaches the net, they make a quick lateral movement, striking the ball in mid-air. This requires precision hand-eye coordination and a sharp sense of space to judge the ball’s path accurately.


Imagine yourself on the pickleball court, near the non-volley zone or “kitchen.” To set up the Erne Shot, you position yourself just outside the court, close to the kitchen line. Angle your body diagonally towards the net, ready to pounce on the incoming shot.


Timing is everything in the Erne Shot. As your opponent’s shot approaches the net, you need to react swiftly. Move in and position yourself to strike the ball before it bounces on your side. This requires a combination of anticipation and quick reflexes, so stay alert!


Stepping into the court is key to executing the Erne Shot effectively. Step in with the foot closest to the net. This strategic move gets you closer to the net while maintaining your balance and control.

Paddle Angle

Your paddle’s angle is your secret weapon. Hold the paddle in a way that allows you to direct the ball diagonally across the net. The goal is to catch your opponent off guard and send the ball into their court, making it difficult for them to respond.

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The beauty of the Erne Shot lies in its versatility. You can execute this shot with either a forehand or backhand grip, depending on your comfort and skill level. Both variations involve swinging the paddle to achieve the desired angle and direction for the shot.

Surprise Element

The Erne Shot’s effectiveness hinges on its element of surprise. Since it’s not a common shot, opponents might be caught off guard, giving you the upper hand. This strategic advantage can help you win points and gain better court positioning.

Risk and Reward

Like any advanced technique, the Erne Shot carries some risk. If not executed correctly, you might miss the shot or give your opponent an easy opportunity to counterattack. To build consistency and accuracy, dedicated practice is essential.

Skill Development

Becoming a master of the Erne Shot requires practice and experience. Develop a keen sense of timing, refine your footwork, and hone your paddle control. Collaborating with a practice partner or coach can offer valuable feedback and help you fine-tune your technique.

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The erne shot embodies the spirit of pickleball – dynamic, strategic, and full of surprises. From its unconventional origins to its role in modern gameplay, it’s a move that captures the essence of competition and creativity. So, the next time you’re on the pickleball court, remember the erne shot – a strategic gem that continues to inspire players to reach new heights.

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