From Beginner to Pro | Selecting the Perfect Pickleball Glove for Your Skill Level

As you know pickleball involves quick movements, precise shots, and a firm grip on the paddle, wearing proper gear is equally crucial for optimal performance. Among the essential equipment, pickleball gloves play a significant role in enhancing players’ grip, protecting their palms, and providing comfort during intense gameplay.

This article will delve into the world of pickleball gloves, exploring the factors to consider when choosing the right pair, highlighting the top features to look for, comparing the best gloves available in the market, and offering specific recommendations for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced enthusiasts.

Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned player seeking an upgrade. This comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision and find the best pickleball gloves that suit your needs and elevate your game.

Top 5 Best Pickleball Gloves for Every Skill Level

  1. Bionic Racquetball/Pickleball Gloves _ Best Pickleball Gloves for Beginners
  2. Head Web pickleball Glove
  3. Franklin Sports Pickleball Glove
  4. Python Deluxe Racquetball/Pickleball Glove _ Best Pickleball Gloves for Intermediate Players
  5. Selkirk Attaktix Premium Pickleball Glove _ Best Pickleball Gloves for Advanced Players

While gloves might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of pickleball, they can actually make a huge difference in your game. Pickleball gloves are the accessories that can help you improve your grip, comfort, and paddle control on the court.

Can Wearing Gloves Improve Paddle Control In Pickleball?

They can also be suitable to keep your hands warm in cold weather and protect your hands from blisters and injuries. Some people have sweaty hands or experiencing a pain in their hand. So, a pickleball glove is meant to help those people.

The best glove for pickleball can help keep your hands dry and comfortable. However, not all gloves are created equal, and you should look for some features when buying pickleball gloves. 

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There are many pickleball gloves available on the market, but we’ve picked the top 5 best gloves for pickleball. Our criteria of selecting the best glove for pickleball is depends on these 5 important features, 

  • Glove Material
  • Glove Fitting
  • Padding
  • Breathability
  • Glove Style

Here is the complete buying guide for choosing the suitable pickleball gloves, as well a guide to find the right size of your pickleball glove.

1. Fit and Sizing

When it comes to pickleball gloves, the fit is everything. You want a glove that fits snugly but not too tight, like a hug from a supportive friend. Pay attention to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer, as everyone’s hands are unique (and beautiful) in their own way.

2. Grip and Traction

Grip is crucial in pickleball, especially when you’re trying to execute those tricky shots that can make opponents question their life choices. Look for gloves with a tacky palm material that will stick to your paddle like glue.

Traction is also key, as you don’t want your glove slipping and sliding around on your hand like a mischievous snake.

Best Pickleball paddle for beginners

3. Material and Durability

Pickleball is not for the faint of heart (or the delicate of gloves). Look for gloves made from durable materials that can withstand regular wear and tear. Nobody wants a glove that falls apart after a few intense games. Think of it as finding a partner who can handle your wild adventures without breaking a sweat.

4. Breathability and Comfort

Pickleball can get sweaty, especially when you’re locked in an intense battle of wits and reflexes. Look for gloves that offer breathability, allowing your hands to stay cool and dry.

Comfort is also important because no one wants to play pickleball with hands that feel like they’re trapped in a medieval torture device.

Best Pickleball Accessories for all

Bionic Racquetball/Pickleball Gloves

Ideal for Novice Players

Bionic Racquetball/Pickleball Gloves
  • Hook Closure System
  • Hand Washable
  • Lightweight And Breathable Material
  • Best Pickleball Gloves For Winter Season
  • Ideal For Beginners To Intermediate Players

Anatomical Relief Pad System: The hand has natural peaks and valleys determined by the placement of the bones. Typically the high points of the bone rub against tools and equipment, causing blisters, calluses, and fatigue.

Bionic gloves are designed to solve this problem with strategically placed pads in the glove. It eliminate the peaks and valleys-evening and the surface of the hand-to result in improved grip strength, reduced hand fatigue, and reduced friction. It virtually eliminate calluses and blisters.

Pre-Rotated Finger Design: Because your forefinger and pinky naturally rotate inward toward the center of your hand when grasping an object. Bionic gloves feature a pre-rotated design that follows the natural motion of your fingers, to offer a comfortable, second-skin feel, and natural movement when griping.

Web and Motion Zones: The hands combine 14 phalanx bones as well as a large number of tendons and muscles to allow for an intricate range of motion and dexterity. Bionic gloves offer Motion Zones over the knuckles, and Web Zones between the fingers, made of stretchable and breathable Lycra to provide greater flexibility, support the hand’s natural dexterity, and keep the hands cool and dry.

These bionic gloves for pickleball are designed with patented anatomical pads that provide a natural and secure fit. They also have moisture-wicking features and excellent grip that prevent your paddle from slipping. They are suitable for both men & women, and come in various sizes and colors. These pickleball gloves are suitable to wear in cold weather to keep your hands warm and fresh.

Head Web pickleball Glove

Enhanced Grip for Intermediate Players

Head Web pickleball Glove
  • Durable Design
  • Unmatched Grip
  • Cool Tech Spandex 
  • Knuckle Protection
  • Best Gloves For Pickleball & Tennis

Take the court by storm with HEAD Web, a racquetball/pickleball glove loaded with premium features all at a reasonable price. Made of a durable synthetic leather for lightweight comfort and finished with silicone webbing across the palm and fingers for ultimate grip right where you need it. The glove is finished with a high performance Cool Tech Spandex material that maximizes air circulation and cooling.

This pickleball glove from Head is made of synthetic leather with a silicone web pattern that enhances the traction and control of your paddle. It also has a knuckle protection system and a breathable mesh backing that keeps your hand comfortable and fresh. It is available for both left and right hand, and comes in different sizes.

Franklin Sports Pickleball Glove

Professional-grade Performance

Franklin Sports Pickleball Glove
  • Increased Control 
  • Premium Leather Glove
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Comfort Grip 
  • Single Glove

Get a grip on your pickleball game with Franklin Sports’ Premium Pickleball Gloves! These premium quality leather pickleball gloves are the perfect on-court pickleball accessories for any avid player. The high-performance, moisture-wicking leather gives players an enhanced grip on their pickleball paddle for complete control of the game. 

Constructed with additional padding in the thumb and index finger, these pickleball gloves are designed to help players achieve a comfortable grip while preventing blisters and hand soreness. 

Moreover, the high-strength wrist strap guarantees a comfortable, secure fit that won’t loosen or detach during play. Available in both right hand and left hand styles, these premium pickleball gloves are great on-court accessories for both righty and lefty pickleball players.

Franklin sports glove for pickleball is a fingerless option that allows you to feel the paddle more directly. It is made of premium leather with extra padding on the thumb and index finger that prevent blisters and provide a comfortable grip. It also has a moisture-wicking feature that keeps your hand dry.

Python Deluxe Racquetball/Pickleball Glove

Advanced-level Features

Python Deluxe Racquetball/Pickleball Glove
  • Perforated Cabretta Leather With Grip Strip Tackifier Palm
  • Breathable & Sweat Resistant 
  • Best Glove For Both Indoor & Outdoor Play 
  • Added Grip Strip Across The Palm For Increased Power
  • High Elastomeric Back For Greater Fit
  • Long Lasting Durability
  • Nylon/Spandex Back Firm Control For A Snug Yet Comfortable Fit
  • Thin Dive Pads On Knuckle On Pointer And Middle Finger

Customer Review

Pro’s —- fit like it says, looks like the picture, feels good around the hand, nice looking glove, can use it for both pickleball or racquetball. I Can not say how long it will hold up from using it as we have not used it yet.

Selkirk Attaktix Premium Pickleball Glove

Professional-grade Performance

Selkirk Attaktix Premium Pickleball Glove

Flexx-Fit Technology For All Players And Occasions: Flex-fit compression technology ensures that Attaktix gloves fit like a second skin. Keeping your grip dry and secure, these gloves will elevate your game to its highest level 

Premium Leather: The premium leather offers an extreme grip that improves during use for total control on the court. 

Second Skin FLEXX-FIT: This technology ensures that the glove follows the contours of your hand for a natural fit.

These are some of the best pickleball gloves you should consider in 2024. They can help you enhance your game and enjoy playing pickleball more. 

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Cleaning your pickleball gloves is a good way to maintain their quality and performance. There are different methods you can use to clean your gloves, depending on the type and material of your gloves. These are some general tips to help you clean your gloves at home,

Wash Your Gloves By Hand

Avoid using a washing machine or a dryer, as they can damage the fabric and shape of your gloves. Use cold water and a mild detergent, and gently scrub the dirt and sweat from your gloves. Rinse them thoroughly and squeeze out the excess water. Do not wring or twist your gloves, as this can cause them to lose their elasticity.

Dry Your Gloves Naturally

Hang your gloves in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Do not use a hairdryer or an iron, as they can melt or burn the synthetic materials of your gloves. Allow your gloves to dry completely before storing them in a cool and dry place.

Use A Glove Cleaner

If your gloves are very dirty or stained, you can use a special glove cleaner that is designed for pickleball or racquet sports. Follow the instructions on the product label, and spray or apply the cleaner on your gloves. Wipe off the excess cleaner with a soft cloth, and let your gloves air dry.

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In conclusion, pickleball gloves are an essential piece of equipment for players looking to enhance their performance, grip, and comfort on the court. By considering factors such as fit, grip, material, and breathability, players can find gloves that perfectly suit their needs. From the padded palms for impact protection to moisture-wicking technology and adjustable closures, the top features of the best pickleball gloves ensure a superior playing experience. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate player, or advanced enthusiast, there are gloves available to cater to your skill level and requirements.

1. Do I really need pickleball gloves to play?

While pickleball gloves are not mandatory, they can significantly improve your gameplay. Gloves provide a better grip on the paddle, protect your palms from impact, and enhance overall comfort during long matches. They can be especially beneficial for players who have sweaty hands or struggle with maintaining a firm hold on the paddle.

2. Can I use regular sports gloves for pickleball?

Regular sports gloves may not be suitable for pickleball due to their design and features. Pickleball gloves are specifically designed with features such as specialized grip patterns, padded palms, and moisture-wicking materials to optimize performance and provide better control during gameplay. It is recommended to use gloves specifically designed for pickleball to maximize your playing experience.

3. How do I choose the right size of pickleball gloves?

Choosing the right size of pickleball gloves is crucial for optimal fit and performance. To determine your glove size, measure the circumference of your dominant hand just below the knuckles. Refer to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer and select the size that corresponds to your hand measurements. It is important to ensure a snug fit without being too tight or restrictive.

4. How often should I replace my pickleball gloves?

The lifespan of pickleball gloves depends on various factors such as frequency of use, intensity of play, and overall care. As a general guideline, it is recommended to replace your gloves every 3-6 months or when you notice significant wear and tear, loss of grip, or reduced comfort. Regularly inspect your gloves for any signs of damage and replace them as needed to maintain optimal performance on the pickleball court.

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